International Women's Day - Improov with Nancy

March 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

God gave you the blessing of being born a woman, put in your mind wisdom, in your soul strength and in your heart tenderness, sensitivity and feelings.

Dios te dio la bendición de haber nacido mujer, puso en tu mente sabiduria, en tu alma fortaleza y en tu corazon ternura, sensibilidad y sentimiento!
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Proud to not only share this female entrepreneur Nancy's new laboratory consulting company Improov, but also shoot for her branding portraits and showcase our female leaders especially in this time we celebrate the international women's day! 

Being the big sister while she immigrated with her family from Dominican Republic to New York in the early 90s with two younger siblings suffering from debilitating, severe chronic health conditions, Nancy always felt a deep responsibility for her family - to be their caretaker, the problem solver, the stabilizer, and provide as much support as possible. As a young age, she had to learn the new language, and also navigated along with her family both cultural and socioeconomic hurdles while caring for two disabled members. This was the backdrop as she set out on the journey of forming her own identity, developing skills, and understanding her place in this new setting. For Nancy, there was no room for failure and as a result her mindset was one of achieving her goals against all odds.

She set a goal to become a fluent speaker and get a job in healthcare. She joined the military and also focused on obtaining her education and improving herself so she can support her family. Now, Nancy is a well respected lab director in a large hospital, she also started her own laboratory consulting business. There are so many lessons learned both professional and personal over the years. For her, it is fair to say there is no professional growth without personal growth. This is the reason why she is also so passionate about the topics of continuing education and mentoring young scientists by helping them understand their strengths.

Looking back now the journey of process improvement is not different than the journey towards personal improvement. Both are about taking stock of the current status or challenge, having a vision for where you want to end up and coming up with a plan to bridge the gap, making sure to do whatever it takes to get there. It is inspiring to be a part of Nancy's journey and tell her story of being a leader while also being a women and an immigrant. Let's continue to celebrate each other's success and inspire each other to be the best we can be. See her journey and story on her blog here


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