Sara Joy - Milestone

July 20, 2020  •  1 Comment

A special birthday photoshoot with Sara as she wanted to remember how she was at 30. And also because in her words, “I really wanted to work with you Kristy, your pictures always left me speechless” (This makes my heart so happy, thank you) Little did we know that she became pregnant shortly after this photoshoot so now she holds these pictures even closer to heart.

With the life transitions and pandemic hitting, she has also learned to take isolation day by day. Before the pandemic, she felt very much isolated from the world as being a new mom caring for her newborn. Since she was born so close to winter, they were already trying to avoid leaving the house because of flu season...and also because of the cold. But then COVID extended their self quarantine. She felt that more people now understood what she was feeling, which wasn’t postpartum depression, but missing her people and routine. Now She has learned to build new routines and be flexible that they will be forever changing, just like Valentina, her lovely little girl.

For building the new routine, Sara has been able to hold on to a daily workout that she has to juggle nap time interruptions to care for the baby, and have the habit to still go back and finish. She had to learn to do the things that ‘need’ and ‘want’ to happen regardless of what her baby is up to. Some days are more successful than others. 

She has been battling her past perception of ‘success by age 30’. She’s truly blessed for my little family, and she has needed to alter her career goals along the way.

She would tell her younger self to find the courage to do things solo. She’s such an extrovert that she let fear of failing or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) keep her away from achieving high stakes goals. It’s less scary to do things with others equally committed right next to you versus being a cheerful supporter. But she learned that she needs to hold her own hand and go into things on her own, because these are her goals not theirs.

I'm so happy to be able to capture this special time for her and also share her learnings and thoughts with you for stepping into a new milestone, being a new mom, and finding her new routine in this pandemic. What are some of the things you learned and inspired to do while you have your milestone birthday and also during this pandemic?




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Sara Joy's photos photos are so watchful as she has made a lot of good poses during this photo session. She looks like and expert in making such wonderful poses as I have watched some more blogs as well about her photography.
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