Celebrate Yourself

May 27, 2020  •  1 Comment


"There's something about a woman with a loud mind that sits in silence."

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A little behind the scene from this photoshoot!! Mike Tyson actually walked passed us while doing a photoshoot and said “wow look at this, you can only see this in New York City!”😜🔥 And excited to take a picture with us!! What a time ;)

Jackie has been thinking why she liked taking photos now than she did in her early 20s. Finally feeling at home in her own shoes, she scheduled this photoshoot with me for her own birthday celebration, proudly celebrating her true self, unapologetically.

In many cultures, we are to be seen and not heard, and this mostly goes for women and children. Growing up with hispanic parents, even though they were more liberal that others, Jackie still feels something innate to adhere to the rules. To be a wallflower and not to celebrate her accomplishments and positive qualities, because that's boastful and asks for unwanted criticism. And by 30, women are supposed to have to get married, have kids, have it all figured out and have it together all the time.

Now, being a teacher, confident and comfortable in her own path, she is learning to ignore others' timelines and do whats good for her, at the time when it's good for her. She finds herself still on a journey of being happy with who she is and as she built for herself, but she has come a long way. With a beautiful supportive family and motivating friends, she had what she has on her own with no help. Paid her own college education, her own bills, lived on her own and took care of herself. I'm thankful for her to share her stories and journey with us, not to mention inspiring us all to live in our terms, instead of following the expectation of the culture and society. What's your story?  Comment and share with us, I would love to hear!



Omg you look Gorgeous, Fabulous and very photogenic. Besides you are a very Beautiful young lady. Love all the pictures
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