Sentimiento Dance Company 6 Year Anniversary

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Have you been following along the grand photoshoot with the blooming Sentimiento Dance Company? This is a huge and special photoshoot we created not only to celebrate the Sentimiento 6 Year Anniversary Extravaganza! but to showcase the love and unity of Baltimore and this huge dance family! Nancy Salsa found her passion for on 2 salsa at the Yamulee Dance Company in NY. 6 years ago, she came to Baltimore, met Brandon Bachata and together with Roberto Carlos Molina, they embarked on the audacious dream of teaching Sala on 2 in Baltimore. Fast forward to now, the ever growing Sentimiento Dance Company is thriving and they have a chocolate salsa baby underway and I'm so honored to create this special milestone photoshoot for Sentimiento! 
We walked and danced through the streets and hills of Baltimore and just so happy to be surrounded by all the beautiful people and scenery. Here's a recap of all the lovely dance teams they have now, and make sure to come celebrate and dance the night away this Saturday  😉☀️🔥 


All of this is made possible because of the directors of Sentimiento: 
Nancy SalsaBrandon BachataTabitha Hitchye!
It takes a village to give lessons, train multiple teams, and host socials every week to enrich the latin dance scene and Baltimore is so lucky to have them 🌹❤️

Ladies Bachata Team

See the full series here:

Salsa On 1 Ladies Team

See the full series at:

Salsa On 2 Students Couples Team

See the full series at :

Mambo Pro Team

See the full series at


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