Sentimiento Dance Company - Salsa Students Team

August 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When I began to have a mad, passionate love affair with my own life, the rest fell perfectly into place. 

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Nancy Salsa found her passion for on 2 salsa at the Yamulee Dance Company in NY. 6 years ago, she came to Baltimore, met Brandon Bachata and together with Roberto Carlos Molina, they embarked on the audacious dream of teaching Sala on 2 in Baltimore. Fast forward to now, the every growing Sentimiento Dance Company is thriving and they have a chocolate salsa baby underway and I'm so honored to create this special milestone photoshoot for Sentimiento! Picture here is the Salsa on 2 Student team in our city of Baltimore, make sure to come dance and celebrate with them at the Sentimiento 6 Year Anniversary Extravaganza!❤️


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