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February 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

"All the magic starts with a blank piece of paper!"

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A day capturing the art lovers.

The first series are captured at the "paper room" as people called it. It's the latest exhibition in Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC called "What Absence is Made of." Ann Hamilton creates site-specific, multimedia installations that are simultaneously immersive and ephemeral in Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC. Combining the sounds of mechanization with the motorized release of sheets of translucent white paper, which gently descend from the ceiling, at hand speaks to the decline of manual labor in the wake of technological innovation. Though the paper accrues on the gallery floor in a sculptural “drift,” the effect of the installation remains one of loss and absence; the paper is blank, the movement is random, and the hand of the artist remains invisible.



The second series are captured in front of Mark Bradford's one of the largest works to date - "Pickett’s Charge" - that spans nearly 400 linear feet.

Mark Bradford works with a combination of colored paper and cutting, tearing, and scraping through the layers, Bradford weaves past and present, illusion and abstraction, inviting visitors to reconsider how narratives about American history are shaped and contested.

Pickett’s Charge builds upon the Hirshhorn’s continued commitment to showcasing the ways that artists respond to the unique political and cultural climate of their time.



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