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Autumn Romance

November 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When I'm constrained, I yearned to create more.

- -

During a dance practice, a flip trick went wrong and my toe was dislocated. 2 X-rays, 4 shots, and multiple adjustments later at the ER it's still not completely set back in. I wasn't home until 5am that day but my teammates stayed beside me. Funny thing is when I asked the nurse after the procedure, "Is it normal to be hurting?" She looked at me eyes wide open and said, "Did you see how your toe was?!" okay... guess I still have humor after all this lol 

I went to the specialist the next day and I'm going to be stuck in a walking pneumatic boot for 2 weeks and will take at least a month to heal. Fortunately, another round of x-rays showed it's now properly relocated and no surgery is needed. In Chinese, we called this the biggest fortune out of misfortune. I'm not letting my banged up toe stop me from capturing the beauty of the world. So here're some colors of Autumn I have to capture today. 


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